Our offer includes a variety of ferroalloys. They are applied in steel and casting industry ensuring desirable properties of produced alloy steel and fulfilment of their functions as modifiers and deoxidants. Our cooperation with ferroalloy producers enables maintenance of competitive prices whereas our logistic background and regular stock of all offered ferroalloys guarantee delivery on term according to the rule ”just in time”. We also offer short-term direct import. For distributed ferroalloys we attach quality certificate confirming quality of delivery and conformance to Polish Standard. See our offer for more details. All details are included in the attached material cards.

If you are interested in materials beyond our offer, please call our headquarters in Wałbrzych or send an inquiry via email.

We offer the following ferroalloy types:
  • ferromanganese FeMn80C05, FeMn75P15, FeMn75P25, FeMn80C15, FeMn80C10,
  • nitrided ferromanganese FeMn MC,
  • ferrosilicon FeSi75Al2, FeSi75Al1,5, FeSi75Al0,7, FeSi75Al0,1,
  • ferrosilicon manganese SiMn17A i SiMn17B,
  • ferrocalcium silicon SiCa25 i SiCa30,
  • ferrochromium FeCr800, FeCr025, FeCr015, FeCr010, FeCr006, FeCr003,
  • ferromolybdenum FeMo55, FeMo58 i FeMo60A,
  • ferrovanadium FeV75, FeV52,
  • ferrotitanium FeTi30, FeTi40, FeTi70,
  • ferroniobium FeNb,
  • ferroboron FeB17 i FeB22,
  • ferrophosphorus FeP25,
  • ferrotungsten FeW2, FeW4,
  • other ferroalloys

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