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Steel products

Our company specializes in trading of various steel products manufactured both in Poland and abroad.
Overarching objective of ZTO Promet Sp. z o. o. is constant service quality upgrading within steel products trading, basing on skilful management and customers service according to their expectations. Our long experience allows us to create reliable and partnership-based model of cooperation with our customers. Our steel products range comprises construction, boiler and reinforcement steel, to name only few. See our offer for more details.
Our offer includes steel products delivery, especially:
If you are interested in materials beyond our offer, please call our Trade Office in Katowice or send an inquiry via email.

ZTO Promet Sp. z o.o.
ul. Uczniowska 21
58-306 Wałbrzych
tel. +48 74 84 083 12
fax. +48 74 84 083 15
Sales Office
in Katowice:

ul. Opolska 22/213A
40-084 Katowice
tel.+48 32 78 10875
fax.+48 32 78 10877

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