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Our offer comprises delivery of ferroalloys, metals and steel products. The priority to our company is top quality of the delivered goods, therefore, we deliver all materials according to current standards and required certificates. We attach quality certificate confirming conformity with Polish Standard to delivered ferroalloys and we provide certificate 3.1.B for steel products. To ensure efficient and on term service to our clients, we retain regular stock, provide with our own transport and modernize the logistic background. It allows prompt delivery of goods to a destination given by a client, according to the rule ”just in time”.



If you are interested in purchasing ferroalloys and metals, please contact our headquarters in Wałbrzych

ul. Uczniowska 21  |  58-306 Wałbrzych  | tel. +48 74 84 083 12  | promet@ztopromet.pl

If your are interested in purchasing steel products, wires and steel strips, please contact our Trade Office in Katowice

ul. Opolska 22     |     40-084 Katowice     |    tel. +48 32 78 108 75    |  stal@ztopromet.pl

We provide transport service of purchased products.
We advise our Customers to get acquainted with General Order Terms and Conditions
, and for our Suppliers we prepared General Purchase Terms and Conditions.

ZTO Promet Sp. z o.o.
ul. Uczniowska 21
58-306 Wałbrzych
tel. +48 74 84 083 12
fax. +48 74 84 083 15
Sales Office
in Katowice:

ul. Opolska 22/213A
40-084 Katowice
tel.+48 32 78 10875
fax.+48 32 78 10877

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